REFRAME_metaslider_AV_essay_no_readmoreREFRAME is excited to announce the launch of possibly its most international project to date, one with exciting connections to several highly esteemed publications in film and media studies, as well as important developments and events in our field.

The Audiovisual Essay is a new website devoted to the practice and theory of videographic film and moving image studies. This website will serve three main functions:

  • As an online repository for the papers, discussions and screening programme of an international conference and workshop on The Audiovisual Essay: Practice and Theory, organised by Adrian Martin and Cristina Álvarez López (supported by and Vinzenz Hediger of Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany). These events took place in November 2013 at the DeutschesFilmmuseum – Deutsches Filminstitut, in Frankfurt in partnership with Film and Audiovisual Media at Goethe University. The section of the website where these materials can be accessed — titled The Frankfurt Papers (co-edited by Cristina Álvarez López, Catherine Grant and Adrian Martin) — can be found here.
  • As a companion publication to issue 1.3 of the new peer-reviewed journal [in]Transition, A collaboration betweenMediaCommons and the Society for Cinema and Media Studies’ official publication, Cinema Journal, [in]Transition is the first peer-reviewed academic periodical specifically given over to videographic film and moving image studies. Issue 1.3(edited by Catherine Grant), was devoted to a sustained reflection on the practice and theory of the audiovisual essay form, with particular reference to its emerging procedures and uses in film and moving image criticism and research. The table of contents for this section (also edited by Catherine Grant) can be found here.
  • And it will also continue as a rolling publication for continuing reflections on and resources concerning the practice and theory of the audiovisual essay. The table of contents for this section (co-edited by Cristina Álvarez López, Catherine Grant, Chiara Grizzaffi, Hoi Lun Law, Adrian Martin, Lara Perski) can be found here.

Why not take a look at some of the emerging audiovisual approaches to audiovisual subjects:

Catherine Grant,
Producer/Director of the Audiovisual Essay website

Editor of REFRAME
September 2014

Latest news from REFRAME: Opera and the Media of the Future; Testament of Cocteau; MEDIÁTICO Video blog and more!

  1. Launch of the OPERA AND THE MEDIA OF THE FUTURE website at REFRAME
  2. The latest REFRAME Conversations project: TESTAMENT OF COCTEAU – Orphée on film and in opera.
  3. New videoblog at MEDIÁTICO
  4. Study of controversial Spanish documentary ROCÍO, also at MEDIÁTICO

REFRAME_metaslider_OMF_2metaslider_testament of cocteau_without_read_moreMetastasis-1024x533ROCIO sized


REFRAME‘s latest round up of open access publications and research website launches is given below. Some further important launches will take place later this month, so be sure to come back for those!


Opera and the Media of the Future (OMF) is a new research initiative by The Centre for Research in Opera and Music Theatre (CROMT) to examine the challenges and opportunities of new media technologies for the future of opera. The project will be launched by a two-day event hosted by Glyndebourne Operabringing academics, artists and opera professionals together to examine a wide range of issues from opera cinecasts and webcasts to the use of new media platforms for audience development, marketing and education and the implications of new media for the forms of opera itself. The event will also include the presentation of two specially commissioned mini web operas. These will be published online by REFRAME/OMF. Click here for more information about OMF

2. The latest REFRAME Conversations project: TESTAMENT OF COCTEAU 

For its latest video, REFRAME Conversations brought together two men with a shared interest in the life and work of French writer, artist and filmmaker Jean Cocteau:

The two discussed their mutual interest in Cocteau’s work and its legacy, with particular reference to Orphée as well as to Hughes and Morris’s operatic reinterpretation of the film. To watch the video please click here

3. New videoblog at MEDIÁTICO on Latin American remakes of US television series

MEDIÁTICO presented the first episode in its new, occasional, video blog series in which scholars and media practitioners reflect on aspects of Latin(o/a) American, Spanish and Portuguese media cultures. This inaugural vlog features founding co-editor Juan Ramos discussing an aspect of his Media and Cultural Studies PhD research on Latin TV dramas at the University of Sussex, in particular the phenomenon of Latin American remakes of US television series, including Metástasis, the Breaking Bad remake currently airing on US television. To watch the video and read an accompanying text, please click here

4. Study of controversial Spanish documentary ROCÍO at MEDIÁTICO

This website also brought us a brilliantly illustrated and highly informative essay by Rebecca Naughten on ROCÍO (Fernando Ruiz Vergara, 1980), an important Spanish documentary about repression and censorship in the immediate post-Francoist era: 

Screen shot 2014-09-03 at 13.01.45