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  1. The Tablet Book Preliminaries (Editors’ Acknowledgements, Table of Contents, Notes on Contributors, Editors’ Opening Statement, Endnotes)
  1. Ana-Maria Raus: “Tablet Technostories: The Academic Ingress” 
  1. Candi Miller: “When Harry Met Sally: a Fictocritique on the Use of Tablet Readers for Indigenous Knowledge Transfer”
  1. Jacob Craig: “Print Made Fluid: Design, Format, and Attention in a Convergence Culture”
  1. Justin Battin: “Practical Uses and the Unconcealment of Worldly Investment: A Heideggerian Inspired Investigation in the Embodied Uses of Mobile Media Technologies”
  1. John Farnsworth and Terry Austrin: “Affective Mobile Devices: Tracing the Ties that Bind”
  1. Helle Nina Pedersen and Susana Tosca: “Is There a Text in this Tablet?”
  1. Ryan Burns: “Tablets: Specific, Generic, Perfect”

The Tablet Book
Falmer: REFRAME Books, 2015. 231 p.
ISBN 978-0-9931996-1-5 Complete PDF
Online at